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Relaxation SoundBaths & Sound Therapy

“Everything in life is vibration. Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein

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Events calendar 2018

May 10th/11th (‘Cecara Team Retreat’) – Co-Faciitated by HJ Nelson and Sheila Belanger (Full)

May 11th (Chater Valley Fire Ceremony and Gathering) – all welcome (5pm -7.00pm) Donations welcome.  Tel 01780 720660

May 24th (One Day Workshop) – ‘Homeopathy helping you and your Animals’ with Sue Warner

June 21st –  (‘Summer Solstice’ ) –  Fireside Gathering Celebrating ‘The  Way  of the Leopard‘ with Traditional South African Healer – John Lockely (see below for more

June 22nd/23rd/ 24th (‘Unleash the Power of True Self’) – Retreat facilitated by Tracey Gray, Lesley Gough and Lynton Devlin (see below for more details)

June 28th (‘Mindfulness” Strawberry Full Moon) – Evening Fire Ceremony (Full)

July 15th – FREE ‘taster’ event – open to all. Join us and reconnect with your authentic soul. Refreshments and free campfire lunch provided. Please call to reserve a place.

July 13th/14th/15th (‘Unleash the Power of true Self’) – Retreat facilitated by Tracey Gray, Lesley Gough and Lynton Devlin

July 27th (Full “Thunder” Black Moon) – One day EFLD with Lesley

August 3rd/4th/5th (‘Unleash the Power of True Self’) – Retreat facilitated by Tracey Gray, Lesley Gough and Lynton Devlin (Full)

August 26th  (Full “Ignite Inner Flame” Sturgeon Moon) – One day EFLD with Lesley (Full)

September 25th (Full “Smart Preparation” Harvest Moon) – One day EFLD with Lesley

October 17th-21st Soul Biographies Inner View Method with Nic Askew.The Art and Science of Witnessing. A way of eliciting authenticity, truth and intuitive intelligence. It’s a profound interview method. Interview + Surrender. Used with or without a camera (see below for more details). 

October 24th (Full ‘Magic” Hunter’s Moon) – Evening Fire Ceremony 

November 23rd (Full “Soothing and Peaceful” Beaver Moon) – Evening Fire Ceremony

December 22nd (“Sincere and Honest” Cold Moon) – Evening Fire Ceremony


womens event taster

We run regular ‘taster’ events here at Chater Valley. This informal event, lasting four hours, is intended to introduce you to all the different things we do at Chater Valley, and to hear how we partner with animals and nature to help you reconnect with your true nature. We promise you an interesting and enjoyable day. Refreshments and free campfire lunch provided. Please call 01780 720660 to find out the date of the ext event and to reserve a free place.

(Previous participant at ‘taster’ event)

          ” . . . You’ve created a real sanctuary; it’s relaxing, beautiful with lovely calming energy. I didn’t want to leave …Chater Valley is a very special place…Brilliant, such a great day…A beautify day in excellent company. Well organised, extremely interesting and inspiring..Just wonderful, thank you for inviting us to this special place . . . “


Chater Valley’s vision is to support and empower the unique journey of all who are attracted to the farm. We have a shared intention of creating a loving environment in which healing and transformation can take place. Chater Valley offers a special, sacred space that melds a beautiful collaboration of nature and nurture to foster contemplation and connection with both animals and nature, reminding us that everything is connected to everything else. We are planning a series of exciting and unique events throughout 2018. Exceptional people –  some crossing the skies to be here – will impart their magic to ensure that your experience will be truly unforgettable.

summary of the dates are shown below. Further details of each event can be found as you scroll down.


‘Fireside gathering on Summer Soltice’

Celebrating the ‘Way of there Leopard” with traditional South African Healer John Lockley

Thursday, June 21st, 2018, 4pm-7pm 

John invites you to join the Circle on this pivotal day of maximum light to experience the healing energies, beautiful songs, and rhythms from South Africa. John will talk about the importance of connecting with your senses as a way to still the mind, awaken intuition and connect with the natural world.

Price £52. Please contact 


 ‘ Unleash the Power of True Self ‘

Womens’ Retreats

July 13th – 15th and August 3rd – 5th 2018

These two 3-day Retreats will start late Friday afternoons, July 13th and August 3rd prior to that evening’s gathering for dinner, and will finish around 3pm on Sunday. We are very excited to be welcoming Tracey back this year to offer her amazing gifts at Chater Valley and to lead these Retreats. Tracey is a highly successful Leadership Consultant, Coach and Thought Partner, and I am very happy to be


Tracey Gray

collaborating with her and Lynton Devlin on these unique events. The Retreats are all about finding your true balance – knowing how to release stress and tension – by shining a light on truth, stepping into our ‘shadow’ by acknowledging the darkness. Tracey strongly believes this is what has made her successful in her career to date – “I’ve been able to facilitate change by naming the tough stuff (usually the shadow) and helping leaders to speak their truth, which often feels dark to them.”

These Retreats will be very different in that they will offer you a unique blend of experiences and approaches. They are for women who want to explore their shadow side as a way to become more free. Although powerful in your own right, there may be parts of you that are suppressed and not fully expressed. You understand the power of speaking your truth but for whatever reason you feel unable to do this in all areas of your life.

The Retreats are being held here on this sacred land, where everyone will be taken care of in the most wonderful way possible. You will be welcomed to this amazingly soulful place, where we will share the powerful work that we do with our beautiful Equine partners. Over the course of the weekend you will have an opportunity to:

* Explore – your shadow. What is it that could be holding you back?

* See – other women for who they really are, and be truly seen for who you are

Feel – safe but challenged with like-minded women; feel what it is you need

* Access – your energy at work, with Nature and with our Equine partners

And Dreamand have some fun!

Lynton Devlin – Psychotherapist, Executive and Life Coach, Reiki Master

Rich in ceremony and ritual, the Retreat will be wholly practical so you can take away meaningful and quick exercises to support you when you return to the busy world that is your reality. Numbers will be restricted to a group of 10 for each of the three Retreats. The price for the Retreat is £695 for the weekend, which will include everything you need (other than a sleeping bag!). To book a place on the Retreats please either contact Lesley Gough on (01780 720660) or Tracey Gray at (07887 624959). **************************************************************************************

‘Soul Biographies Inner View Method’ with Nic Askew 

Delivered over 5 Close Up Residential Days. Small intentionally put together groups. Learning through the visceral experience in front of the camera, behind the camera, as a close up witness to the process of others & observation of one’s own experience on film. Nic is a Former (Geographical) Explorer and (Business) Managing Director. Now an Educator and Film Maker. He is the creator of Soul Biographies (®), which includes the search for ‘The Soul of America‘. And the profound INNER VIEW Method. His work is in the arena of the Transformation of the Human Experience.

Take a look at his wonderful website to get a glimpse of this truly inspiring man and see the beauty he captures through his eyes and the lens of his camera.

Future Retreats – ‘ Trust Your Nature’

Life Passages Coach Sheila Belanger (

sheilaSheila is an exceptional mentor, coach, guide and teacher. Of great integrity and depth, her expertise in coaching women and men in midlife is unparalleled in our experience. She is powerfully gifted and offers a solid compassionate presence along with a great sense of humour at her foundational core. Sheila’s integrity, awareness and bravery are remarkable and has a process that leads you to your own answers.

‘Trust Your Nature’ weekend Retreat: Experiential Intuitive tools to develop your Intuitive Wisdom (open to all)

You carry the capacity to access deep wisdom from your intuitive side  yet often are missing the tools to access and cultivate this inner resource. in this programe, you will experience clear and empowering tools to develop your individual intuitive gifts. More information here

Spirit Weavers Circle Retreat: Exploring Experiential Shamanic Tools & Practices for Experienced Shamanic Travellers

The Spirit Weavers Circle Retreat is designed for experienced Shamanic travellers to explore core experiential Shamanic practices and world views. In this Retreat, you will experience clear and empowering tools to develop your individual Shamanic gifts in support of your personal and professional life.  More information here:



‘ Equine Facilitated Learning & Development’                          one-day workshops 

Equine Facilitated Learning & Development (EFLD) is an experiential way of becoming more self-ware, built around interaction with horses. It is a way to help people build their confidence, enhance their communication skills and discover their ‘authentic selves’. Here at Chater Valley we offer a series of introductory one-day programmes aimed at people leading in a learning environment (call 01780 720660 to book a place). Each one day session is tailored to participants.

Dates 2018

April 22nd (‘Earth Day’) – One day EFLD (Full)
July 27th (‘Thunder’ Black Moon’) One day EFLD
August 26th (Sturgeon Moon) – One day EFLD (Full)
September 25th (Harvest Moon) – One day EFLD 

Confidence, Communication, Respect – these are just a few of the skills that we need to succeed at home, at school, at work and in life generally. Equine Facilitated Learning 7 Development (EFLD) is an experiential technique that uses activities with horses to help people learn important life skills. Good communication, respect for self and others, and how we are perceived are just a few of the skills that EFLD builds and you will learn by participating in one of our programmes.

Why horses?
Tess in round pen

As part of our equine facilitated learning sessions we use a specially constructed round pen for “join up” and other exercises

Communication is not only about what we say but also how we say it. A horse cares nothing about your titles or position – it will trust you if it senses you are being your authentic self. Trust builds respect and respect (with clear intentions) enables fellowship.are social creatures who readily and honestly respond to the challenges inherent in forming and sustaining relationships. As animals preyed upon in nature, they have retained a highly developed ability to sense changes in the stance of other herd members; an ability they have honed over 50 million years of existence which they easily transfer to interactions with human beings. Because of this, they are excellent mirrors of our inner selves – they reflect what we really feel, not just the image that we try to convey. Horses see through the slight incongruities of emotion and intention, yet they are exceedingly patient and forgiving. In Equine Facilitated Learning we use this unique ability to help people to become more self-aware; the horses will react to you exactly as you present yourself and will provide immediate insights and a clear, unfiltered understanding of your impact. In summary horses teach us the importance of self-awareness, authenticity, clear boundaries, flexibility and cooperation in handling the relationships in our lives. Join us for a powerful session that will provide sustainable shifts in your leadership communication, mindset and behaviour.

What can you expect? Anyone can benefit from Equine Facilitated Learning & Development – riding is not part of the process. No horse experience is required. EFLD involves working on the ground with horses in a safe setting with an experienced facilitator. Just a single session can have life changing effects as participants open to their true potential. You will feel safe (physically and emotionally); you will get something valuable from the experience; and it will be a refreshing day – where you can reflect and take some time to evaluate the next steps of putting your new awareness into practice. Chippy Lola and Lesley good shape What will we be doing?

  • A range of activities that enable you to reflect on your communication skills – to check what you are ‘transmitting’ is what is being ‘received’
  • Gathering and sharing feedback from each other, and most importantly from the real ‘teachers’ on the day, the horses.

If you would prefer a one-to-one session, make an appointment in confidence by emailing
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