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Prickly business

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Ever wondered how you might replant a 3-metre high holly tree - here's what you need: one small digger, one small tractor with bucket to remove soil n clay and replace with compost from muck heap , one man (close friend Ian) holding heavy-duty lifting straps, plus one person (eldest son Adam) to take photograph . . . and lots of patience.Holly tree Two scratched-arm hours later, one replanted holly. Okay, so it's not perfectly vertical, but we may have to let nature and sun sort that out. With big thanks to Trevor and Tess of Welland Valley Nurseries for sourcing the Holly and arranging to bring it back from Italy. The nursery have just opened up a retail section - you will find it on Glaston Road, Uppingham - very much worth a visit (call them on 01572 822729. Our Hereford surrogate mums are now being prepared for re-implanting with more mini embryos in early April. We sorely look forward to the day we don't have to do,this and just have a naturally bred suckler herd. Of well, another year or two yet.

Sebatopol Geese are fluffily beautiful

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We have a lovoely gaggle of noisy Sebatsopol Geese, who share a pen with our rare breed ducks including an O Shamu who thinks she's a duck, some Orpington ducks and some very rare Shetland ducks. rare-breed-poultry-2

Gray Face Dartmoor sheep

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Our Greyface Dartmoor sheep are a joy to have on the farm, but their thick coats means that you have to tend to them when their coasts are at its thickest to keep their rear ends clean! Not our favourite job. The other big happening this week - was the first of the lambs and their mums plus last year's shearlings put out to pasture - thank goodness for the improving dry weather.