‘The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires’


‘Nurtured through transformation’

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Lesley weaves together a range of healing methodologies – Psychotherapy, Biofield Tuning, modern Shamanic practices and Equine Therapy – in helping you to embrace your True Nature


Malcolm’s personal journey has been from Engineer, Journalist, senior Media Executive, to Sound Therapy Practitioner and Mentor with more than a passing interest in health and nutrition

The land, the animals, the offerings, combine to create a safe space for you to have a deep conversation with yourself and Nature. “Chater Valley” has the ability to wake you to your deeper emotions, to feelings that have been hidden from you, and grounding you in the natural cycles of change. People come to “Chater Valley” to find their meaningful place in the world, for information, education, changing their minds – opening up to different ideas; and to be supported, nurtured and readied to experience change to become the person they were always meant to be.