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Chater Valley Farm is accredited by the Countryside Educational Visits Accreditatiion Scheme (CEVAS), which promotes quality education visits to farms.We can cater for most age groups, and if you are a teacher or a group leader who’d like to set up a farm experience then please give us a call.Whether you are planning a class visit or researching follow up activities for the classroom, then we can help. There is a lot of information on the CEVAS website, especially for teachers; you will also find all the resources to provide inspiration and ideas for both on-farm and in-class activities.

” . . . youngsters of all ages can benefit enormously from visiting a working farm . . . “

Youngsters of all ages can benefit enormously from visiting a working farm. From providing a stimulating, hands-on experience for Early Years right through to a practical demonstration of some career options for post 16s, there is something for all ages and abilities. Getting youngsters out into the countryside also has wider community benefits. Overall, a farm visit can:

  • provide a stimulating and versatile outdoor classroom
  • support the curriculum with engaging activities before, during and after a visit
  • contribute to developing learner’s social and personal skills
  • create interest and motivation that can be carried back to classroom activities
  • help young people understand where their food comes from
  • teach youngsters in a direct, hands-on way about may important topics including nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability and conservation
  • allow for physical exercise

” . . . provide teachers with an opportunity for professional development . . . “

  • increase youngster’ appreciation and understanding of the natural environment
  • provide first-hand experience of farming and the countryside
  • show the importance of good husbandry
  • introduce youngsters to some of the issues aound agriculture and rural affairs
  • raise awareness of careers available in the countryside
  • provide an opportunity for to meet people from different backgrounds
  • to understand risk and how to manage it
  • provide teachers with an opportunity for professional development by gaining farming and countryside knowledge, and experience of outdoor education


At Chater Valley Farm we receive regular visits from students, including those on the Farm Livestock Management course at our local college (Stamford New College). The youngsters learn the knowledge and skills required for both handling and day-to-day management of farm livestock whilst here at the farm.

We also host visits for Special Needs students especially those who are on the autistic spectrum. There’s a very special energy that seems to connect autistic youngsters with animals – autistic people often think in pictures – as do animals – and easily find situations frightening – again like prey animals. Our students usually like to get up close and personal with our animals, especially our horses and dogs. By stroking, walking and just being around them, they seem to inherit the calmness of the the animals and our environment. It helps to build both their confidence and their communication skills. It’s a special thing and we love to see it.

” . . . there’s a very special energy that seems to connect autistic youngsters with animals . . . “

If you are working with people and youngsters on the autistic spectrum, and would like to chat through what we can offer, please get in touch with Lesley at the farm. Lesley is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Equine-Assisted Therapy and Coaching, so can also offer one-to-one sessions.

Chater Valley Farm is also a member and supporter of LEAF Education, which is the leading educational charity working with schools to help children and young people understand the connection between farming and their daily lives. LEAF Education creates high quality educational experiences, both inside and outside the classroom that change perspectives and deepen understanding of the food we eat and the people who produce it and the choices we all makes as citizens.