For Sale

On this page we will be listing the items we have for sale at Chater Valley Farm. Please email us or give us a call on 01780 720660 if you are interested in buying some of our rare breed livestock. We currently have for sale:

Miniature Hereford cattle – It’s a slow process creating a new herd of cattle and we are slowing building our herd of breeding females. We currently sell our spare bulls each year which buyers have successfully bred with other small cattle like Dexters, Belted Galloway and Highlands. People who buy are bulls will be at the head of the queue when we do have heifers to sell. Please contact us to talk about your plans.

"Chater Valley Chase"

“Chater Valley Chase”

"Chater Valley Chandler"

“Chater Valley Chandler”

"Chater Valley Champion" - we left his horns on as we might show him

“Chater Valley Champion” – we left his horns on as we might show him

Some of our bulls have been bought by Dexter breeders who like the resultant beefier calve coming from the cross, plus the more docile disposition of the Hereford breed. Right is a photograph of a Mini Hereford-Dexter cross (note distinctive white face of the Hereford prevails in the cross) sired by one of our mini bulls.

Dexter mini Hereford crossThe breeder of this Dexter cross (right) was Helen Whittall.

We also have semen for sale collected from our miniature bulls, and occasionally have some mini Hereford embryos for you to implant into the surrogate mothers of your choice. Please call us to discuss what you would like to do.


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