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The labyrinth is primarily a symbol of wholeness, oneness, your journey of life, and the interconnectedness of all of existence. It’s a sacred place that helps us rediscover the depths of our souls – Tony Christie/Lauren Artress

We are very happy for people to walk our Labyrinth but please call us first. We also organise guided candlelit walks. 

Labyrinths are amazing tools. They can work real magic – moments that bring worlds together. Invented in the mists of prehistory by a culture that function on quite different levels of consciousness than we do today, these magical single-path mazes can enhance the possibility of bringing together our analytical or rational mode of consciousness with our intuitive or spiritual levels of consciousness – Sig Lonegren

Danish Philosopher and Poet Soren Kierkegaard once said: “Every human being comes to Earth with sealed orders.” Many of us sense this. Something within us carries a deep, sometimes buried, sense that we have a special task. However we need the tools to find our orders and decipher them. Many people find their way to the Labyrinth in the process of searching for their own special talents. The Labyrinth is a transformational tool that can help people discover their sealed orders.

“One of the oldest images of the mystery of life, death, transformation and return is the labyrinth . . . in which we fear to lose ourselves”

– Edward C. Whitmont,The Symbolic Quest

THERE IS SOME SPLENDID MYSTERY about Labyrinths, because we don’t really know the origin of their design, or how exactly they provide a space that allows clarity. Labyrinths have been known to the human race for over four thousand years, and evidence of Labyrinths have been found in most cultures that have ever existed. These different cultures could not have been in contact with each other but they still conjured up separately their need to build a Labyrinth. Amazing. The Labyrinth at Chater Valley Farm, which took two years to construct, was inspired by the famous medieval Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France, but it is not an exact replica. You’ll note that we opted to soften the corners on some of the Chartres path turns by adopting curves, and we have embedded clear quartz crystals to help emphasise the protective nature of the Labyrinth’s 113 lunation’s. Chartres’ sacred geometry and ratios have been retained but the overall size has been scaled up from Chartres’ 12.4-metre diameter to just over 15 metres, to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to experience the Labyrinth. There seems to be almost as many different designs of Labyrinth as there are Labyrinths. Some beautiful examples of Labyrinths around the world are shown in the moving gallery below.

There are three stages to a Labyrinth Walk:


1. The first phase of the walk, from the entrance to the centre, is sometimes referred to as “Releasing”. This is the time to quiet the mind, let go of the details, distractions and extraneous thoughts. Open your heart to whatever it might feel. Become aware of your breath. Relax and find your natural pace with this meditative walk.

2. The second phase of the walk – standing or sitting in the centre- is often called “Receiving”. When you reach the centre, stay a while . . . as long as you like. This is a place of reflection, a pause for contemplation, and for being present. Reaching the centre represents reaching not only our own hearts and spirit but of the goal we seek; perhaps release from emotional or physical pain, a solution to challenging problem or creative task. You may see some insights to your problem at the centre.

3. The third and final stage of your journey – walking out of the labyrinth is called the “Return”. When you are ready, follow the same path out as brought you in. You take back into the world what which you have received.

what3words: When we completed the Chater Valley Labyrinth, one of the participants at our Dedication ceremony decided to look up the location of the very centre of our Labyrinth on “” and somewhat amazingly it returned the words “puzzles,simulates.healers”.















Group SoundBath, Cacao Ceremony &

Candlelit Labyrinth Walk

Tuesday, November 12th (limited places)