“You must learn one thing.
The world was made to be free in.
Give up all the other worlds.
Except the one in which you belong.”

-David Whyte

MALCOLM’S PERSONAL JOURNEY has taken him from being an engineer, journalist, senior Media & Information Executive, to becoming a Sound Therapy Practitioner, a follower of Nature, and a well informed resource on health and nutrition.

ALONG THE WAY TO DISCOVERING HIS TRUE PURPOSE – helping others to become the best that they can be whilst being happy and healthy – he has gathered together the skills and knowledge of a Mentor, Photographer, Yacht master, Craftsman in (mainly) wood, and Co-Owner of a farm and Retreat Centre.

MALCOLM ENJOYS SHARING HIS UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL BLEND OF EXPERIENCES through his offerings of Sound Therapy, Mentoring and lifestyle advice

SoundBaths & Gong Therapy

Despite their name, no actual “bathing” is involved. Part meditation, part listening & feeling exercise, SoundBaths are therapeutic musical ‘experiences’ played with modern versions of ancient instruments such as Gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal bowls, and a host of tuned percussion instruments (chimes, bells, drums etc). Recipients are laid on a mat and allow the harmonious sounds of the instruments to pass through and over and their bodies.

Malcolm is accredited with both the British Academy of Sound Therapy and the College of Sound Healing as a Sound & Gong Practitioner, so is well-qualified and experienced to conduct SoundBaths designed to relax the body, quiet the mind and ignite the inner experience. As such Sound & Gongs Baths belong in the category of stress-reducing methods such as mindfulness, autogenic training, and progressive relaxation

The main emphasis is on relaxation, receiving and feeling the vibration of the sound in the body rather than listening. It is particularly useful for stressed people who find it difficult to learn other relaxation techniques, i.e. can’t sit still to do mindfulness. Group sessions (£20) usually last just over an hour, personalised 1-2-1 sessions (£40)about two hours.


Combine a long and successful career in media, information and events, a deep knowledge of health and wellbeing, accredited training in Sound Therapy from the two principal UK colleges, plus the highs and lows of owning and running a working farm & retreat Centre, and you have someone with the skills, knowledge and experience to mentor others striving to find harmony in their lives and wishing to be true to themselves.

Balancing success at work whilst leading a happy and healthy live may be easier than you think. Tap into Malcom’s advice on the sorts of business cases, dilemmas and questions that high potential people frequently encounter.    

Free introductory 90-minute session

Other fees to be agreed


Malcolm trained as an engineer and so has always enjoyed making things with his hands. His photographer father taught him the basic skills of photography, which encouraged him to express his creativity. And now living close to Nature on a farm have enabled him to combine his practical skills to make beautiful and unique themed objects, mostly from native and exotic woods, to help people express who they really are or to help focus on their life’s purpose.

Custom-made personalised artefacts include hand-carved “Talking Sticks” and exquisite multi-wood Rattles. More recently Malcolm had added “Nature’s Bracelets” for men and women, comprising leather or cork straps and adorned with nature-themed, sliding beads capturing ancient symbolism including the Tree of Life, Spirals, Celtic knot, Labyrinth and Spirit Animals … plus your birth stone, should you wish.

Malcolm’s “Talking Sticks” are inspired by ancient traditions of first nation people, but personalised with your birth wood and birth stone, and adorned with beautiful gem stone cabochons, feathers, bone carvings, meteorites – whatever best exemplifies the themed purpose that has been agreed for you, The Keeper of the Stick. It is very rare to find such a unique and personalised hand-made gift.

Talking Sticks £250
(plus cost of gem stones)

Rattles £95-£150

Bracelets £45
(plus cost of birth stone if required)

Tailored Wooden gifts by agreement

Sound Therapy explained

Whether or not we hear it, everything has a sound, a vibration all its own. That sound is called resonance, the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Each part of our body has its own natural resonance, and vibrational therapy is based on the belief that those natural resonances can become ‘out of tune’ – whether due to stress, illness or environmental factors. Unlike the highly focused and fast vibrations used in Ultrasound (a technology already employed in hospitals to break up kidney stones and check on the health of foetuses, for example), Sound Therapy works more gently to help return the body’s own vibrations to their natural state.

The therapeutic effects of music is well known; music is also vibration and we know of the harmonising and mood lifting benefits it can have on our bodies. Everyone knows how music can touch us. On a fundamental level, music is just organised sound. Sound therapy deconstructs music into pure sound, harnessing the knowledge that sound can have a powerful effect on our emotions. In the case of SoundBaths, the vibrations activate and vibrate our tissues – like a deep tissue massage.

It’s not unusual for people to feed back after a Sound session it was the most relaxed they have ever felt and that sleep is often improved. The reasons that SoundBaths are becoming popular is self evident: people living in this modern digital world find it increasingly difficult to ‘escape’ the ubiquitous chatter, and seek a place of calm to slow the mind, to ‘just be’ (themselves) as an antidote to living a world of consensus reality.

It is now an established fact in modern physics that all physical bodies vibrate at an individual frequency. Similarly, our body, our individual organs have a vibrational signature of health and wellbeing at which they function optimally. Similar to musical instruments that can fall out of tune through use, our bodies can also fall out of vibrational harmony and potentially develop stress, illness or dis-ease. Participating in a Sound or Gong is a great way to get the body back into harmony – a ‘retune’ of our physiology at cellular level, if you like.

The beneficial effect of sound on our physiology can be explained with Entrainment (a concept from physics), which stabilises our brainwaves using rhythm and frequency. As we entrain our brainwaves it then becomes possible to attune our Beta state (normal waking consciousness where stress occurs) to Alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach Theta (meditative state) and Delta (deep sleep) with all its health benefits.

Conventional medicine increasingly recognises the benefits of sound as complementary/adjunct therapy. There is anecdotal evidence for its successful use in chronic conditions, such as chronic pain relief, pain relief in cancer sufferers, and enhanced recovery from major surgery. More typically, sound therapy is known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism.

Unlike meditation, which often requires years of training and the guidance of an expert, with sound therapy you just lie down and close your eyes and let the harmonics of the instruments flow over and through your body to invite the therapeutic or restorative effects of a meditative state.

Sound practitioners tend not to put labels on the conditions of people who attend SoundBaths but have found that Sound healing can be used alongside traditional medicine to treat symptoms of a number of conditions, including: anxiety disorders; depression; post-traumatic stress disorder; dementia; autism and learning difficulties; behavioural and psychiatric disorders; and cancer

“We do not ‘come into’ this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the Ocean ‘waves’, the universe ‘peoples’. Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe”

Alan Wilson Watt


“As a Founder of a business, Thought Partner & Executive Coach to Global Corporate leaders I STRONGLY recommend working with Malcolm Gough as a Sound Practitioner. I have benefited significantly on a personal and professional level from multiple sessions with Malcolm. Having experienced this for myself I knew there would be significant benefits to experience this as a team. The team session was exceptionally powerful and complimented our business agenda. As coaches we need to continuously be working on our own self-development and resourcing ourselves. The Sound Therapy has been and will continue to be a great resource for my team and myself. Malcolm creates an exceptionally safe, warm, beautiful and creative space. He is clearly very well trained and a disciplined practitioner. Each session has been unique and profound, yet the safety and professionalism are constant aspects. As the pace of our world increasingly accelerates, do take the quality time to pause and breathe in the Sound Therapy Space. You, your family, friends and colleagues will be thankful you took the time to meet and work with Malcolm Gough”.

HJ Nelson, Thought Partner & founder, Cecara Consulting

“I brought students with a variety of learning difficulties and disabilities to undertake a SoundScape and SoundBath with Malcolm Gough at Chater Valley Farm. The students embraced the experience and were able to follow instructions to take part in both therapeutic experiences. One particular student, who has severe behavioural issues, was able to relax to a state I have not witnessed in this individual in the time I have taught him. He fell asleep around 15 minutes into the therapy but awoke feeling very calm and relaxed. He remained this way for the rest of the day. This was unusual for him. Another deaf student took part in the SoundBath and, although she has extremely limited hearing, very much enjoyed the therapy and gained sensations from listening to, and playing the gongs, and holding and playing the Himalayan singing bowls. The students especially enjoyed the therapeutic Soundscape and it allowed them to think (and feel) in a more abstract way and to express their feelings while interpreting images. It was an altogether beneficial experience for all. At my request, Malcolm went on to organise a SoundBath for the staff at the college and everyone found it to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.”

Dan Perrin (Skills for Work & Living Course Coordinator at New College Stamford)

“My first SoundBath with Malcolm Gough was a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed being cocooned in luxury in Malcolm’s beautiful, welcoming and well-equipped studio where I felt safe and well cared for. It was helpful that before the SoundBath began, Malcolm gave us an idea of how it would end. This enabled me to relax into the waves of sound. I went through an array of emotions and bodily sensations during the SoundBath, ranging from fear to sadness to grief and to joy. I also had a very strong sense of being empowered to experience directly while simultaneously also witnessing what was happening. It was helpful that after this powerful immersion, Malcolm invited us to share something of what we had experienced. At the end of the SoundBath I felt enlivened and strong. I continued to feel the benefits afterwards, particularly an awareness of being part of a vast and mysterious web of being.”

Linda Woolfson, Soul Collage Facilitator & Trainer

“I experienced my first ever SoundBath at Chater Valley Farm with Malcolm Gough. The introduction and overview Malcolm gave at the start of the session was extremely thorough and professional. It struck the right balance between practical information on what would happen and the theory behind the SoundBath. He explained how individual experiences can differ. Right from the start my breathing slowed and became deeper. Whilst I felt unable to move my body, this did not concern me as I was in a deeply relaxed state. I felt an overwhelming feeling of calmness and peace throughout the whole session. This sensation lasted for several hours afterwards and I would recommend this therapy to busy individuals who struggle to sit still and relax.”

Alison Jackson, CEO, Event

“I experienced my first ever “sound bath” with Malcolm Gough, at Chater Valley Farm a few months ago. Malcolm clearly and expertly talked the group through what the session would entail, and some of the things we might (or might not) experience – even after that very full and comforting introduction, I had no idea how powerful the next 45 minutes would be. It was a Friday afternoon after a frantic week at work, and a busy train journey to the farm, and I entered the sound room tired, stressed and with my head full of “stuff”. I left that room a different person. I can only describe my experience as an extraordinary journey – the sound envelopes you and the vibration penetrates every inch of your body. I felt extreme joy, sometimes sadness; my heart would beat faster at times, and then slow right down as if I was floating. It felt like the sounds took me on journey through my life from childhood to present – with ups and down, twists and turns. After it was finished, I felt totally connected to my body, some how lighter, and very calm and peaceful (the opposite to how I felt when I walked in). I had the best sleep I’d had for months that night and the following week, and the gnawing stress pain in my neck completely disappeared, as did the dull headache I’d had when I arrived. I didn’t for one minute expect to have such a profound experience when I walked in that room, and now have a real appreciation for sound therapy. Malcolm has great presence, and the combination of his obvious skill and passion, plus his ability to explain and educate you at the same time, makes this a really rich and rewarding experience. I can’t wait for the next time!”

Julie Harris, CEO, Upper Street Events

“I have attended four SoundBaths and one drumming session over the last six months. Malcolm is so friendly and approachable and has a naturally calming presence. He communicates well on every level; l received comprehensive notes prior to my first session, detailing what to expect, when to turn up and clear directions. He greets everyone warmly and engages with the groups from the outset, laying out his practice, ideas and housekeeping essentials. He gives the group permission to surrender to the sounds and vibrations, which certainly helped me to adjust to the new environment and open my heart to possibilities. Malcolm opens with a poem – such a thoughtful gift! Each session ended with a gentle, guided return to consciousness followed up with an opportunity to share and reflect. The practice studio surpassed all expectations. It is soft, comfortable and quiet with ample room for at least a dozen people. We were provided with mats, blankets, knee pillows, an eye pillow infused with lavender, and filtered water. The most amazing wall-sized screen showed calming scenes to help us transition from the outside world into the cocoon of the room. Any initial apprehensions quickly dispersed through the calm and quite atmosphere. My experiences of Malcolm’s SoundBaths are quite profound. I fell into a deep state of meditation quite quickly and observed my reactions from afar. The vibrations washed through me releasing blockages that travelled and disappeared. I felt emotional release from long held issues, which continue to ease as the weeks went by. At times my skin and teeth felt loose but returned to normal as l re-entered the world. Most of all l felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace with onion-like layers continually peeling away. Bliss! I shall continue to attend Malcom’s sound sessions.”

Fiona Campion, Goodwin & Belle

“I’m sure we speak for all who have taken part in Malcolm’s sound baths when I say we are in awe of the lengths to which he goes to make sure we enjoy a thrilling and rewarding experience each time. It has been a joy to see how his scores have evolved over the months to explore the myriad ways in which sound can heal, soothe or simply give pleasure. The knowledge he shares with us is always thoughtful and often thought-provoking. What’s more, he has created a stunning venue on his beautiful farm with a warmly welcoming sound room equipped with the most amazing collection of percussion. We have no hesitation in recommending the SoundBaths at Chater Valley Farm to anyone looking for a professional, joyous and life-enhancing experience.”

Mike (& Gill) Wyatt, Editor

“Very recently, I attended one of Malcolm’s “Rhythm of Life” drumming sessions. It was an entirely new experience for me and I found the way he explained how the different rhythms and pace of the drums, affects our brainwaves very interesting. This was born out in practice and I felt varied sensations. I enjoyed it but was left feeling quite “spacey” by the end. Malcolm was very concerned that I should come back to normal before driving home. So we talked and went to watch his lovely cows endlessly munching their feed – very grounding! The following day, I felt uplifted – I shall definitely go again!”

Auriol Barriball

“I recently attended a sound-bath with Malcolm Gough. The setting in itself was an incredible treat: warm, cosy, very calm and friendly. Before the session, Malcolm explained everything in detail so we had an idea of what to expect. It was clear to see Malcolm’s passion for sound-therapy and his commitment to ensuring that we all encountered something very special. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like it! I experienced a range of powerful emotions, from relaxation and calm to fear, along-side the many different sounds and tones. It was like time stood still and provided an escape from the usual chaos of everyday life.”

Sarah West-Sadler, Registered Nutritional Therapist

“I have attended several sound events run by Malcolm at Chater Valley Farm, consisting of a SoundBaths, SoundScapes and Drum Circles. Each one has given me a different and unique experience. Allowing me the space to utilise the many different healing aspects of sound therapy. I found the SoundBaths incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, often transporting me to another space entirely.
The SoundScapes were fun, creative yet revealing – I really loved working with a group and us finding our ‘sound’. My personal favourite has been the Drum Circles … again I find the benefits of being with others incredibly rush and powerful, and I leave the circles feeling balanced, grounded yet energised. Malcolm presents with incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject and the balance between information and experience is just right. Plus, the venue and selection of instruments on offer is outstanding! I have always found that sound and movement are incredibly healing and these experiences have cemented this morning further within me!”

Tracey Dean, Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner

“I attended a sound bath event run by Malcolm in the Summer. It was an incredible experience. The room layout and facilities were excellent, his introduction and briefing was very clear and thorough and it was all very relaxing and welcoming. Very professional. The actual sound experience was memorable and I felt refreshed for days. I would definitely attend more sessions.”

Mike Barnes, Marketer & MD, Fish Content Agency

“This was my first experience of a SoundBath, and it was 100% positive from the outset. Malcolm warmly welcomed me to the group, which put me instantly at my ease. The room was beautiful, extremely comfortable and restful. I very much appreciated that it had been laid out ready for us with cushions, blankets and eye pillows, and the addition of bottles of water was a thoughtful touch. Malcolm gave a thorough explanation of the experience prior to proceeding. The experience of the sounds was truly wonderful. I find it hard to describe, but I loved listening to them and also enjoyed the sense of drifting and relaxation. I would definitely recommend Malcolm as a Sound Practitioner and am very much looking to my next session in January which my husband will also be attending,”

Rosemary “Boey” Ling

“My experience at the SoundBath was excellent due to Malcolm and his intention to make everyone welcome and with a clear understanding of the SoundBath. The facilities are superb and I went away with a feeling of peace and wholeness having being so well guided through the process. A profound experience and one to be recommended”

PaulaW, Relationship Counsellor

“Thank you Malcolm for a very positive introduction to Sound Baths.
The information we received beforehand was most useful as were the aftercare notes. The setting is idyllic, thank you for making us feel so comfortable both physically and emotionally. The introductory talks contributed to this and your encouragement to ask questions and discuss our experience with the group, I felt was beneficial. Your passion for the subject shone through, as did your professionalism. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to experience a completely new way of appreciating sound in such a diverse manner and I look forward to the next time.”

Nicky Thomson, Care teacher 

“I was sceptical about the benefits of a sound-bath but went along to Chater Valley with an open mind. As someone whose mind races and struggles to relax generally it took me some time to focus but once in the zone found the sounds and vibrations extremely therapeutic. Malcolm’s calm, quiet, professional instruction and use of the various gongs, chimes and singing bowls was really rewarding.”

Sarah Barnes, People Director

“I have had the pleasure of attending three of Malcolm Gough’s SoundBath group sessions. Malcolm has a wonderful ability to lead you into and out of the experience in a way that made me feel safe and grounded, with his explanations of what to expect during the experience and how to take care of yourself post the experience. He brings wisdom and maturity to this, which holds the group in a very special way. In terms of the actual SoundBath experiences, they were all amazing and all very different. I understood from Malcolm’s holding of the sessions that this could be the case, and by paying attention to what was sitting within me energetically, I was able to work go inwards and allow the process of unfolding to happen without judgement. A couple of times I felt deeply relaxed and on one occasion I found the experience to be edgy, and went into a deep altered state of dreaming. This session, whilst feeling somewhat uncomfortable, was the one where I had some real learnings about myself. I was able to process some of my own challenges and issues that my body had been holding which the SoundBath was able to access and release. I included one of Malcolm’s group SoundBath sessions in a weekend Retreat that I run for Women in Leadership – the feedback was positive and the attendees even asked if we could squeeze an additional session in over the weekend! I recommend these sessions highly.”

Tracey Gray, Thought Partner & Talent Enabler, Owner Cresano Consulting

“If ever you’re feeling slightly out of kilter or even long term off balance I can recommend the most wonderful tonic to refresh, revitalise and retune the mind body and soul – one or more of Malcolm’s SoundBaths. And it requires no effort whatsoever! The location of Chater Valley farm itself is beautiful and tranquil and Malcolm and his wife Lesley are the most open, welcoming people. Malcolm’s studio has the most amazing ambience and the “music” he makes with an array of instruments is truly remarkable. He is so obviously in-tune with the resonances he generates and adjusts them to suit his audience. I was happy to go along to enjoy something novel, but for me the experience had an unexpected and profound impact on my wellbeing. In my first session I experienced some involuntary movements and sensations, but nothing at all scary, the variety of sound that washed over and through me was gorgeous and that night I slept very deeply for a shorter time and woke so refreshed. Having now had a number of Malcolm’s SoundBaths, I can say I feel generally much more settled”

Karen Donnor

“I have been fortunate enough to participate in several of Malcolm Gough’s excellent sessions in the last few weeks, culminating in the wonderful “Rhythm Of Life” Drum Circle at the end of December – what a positive and uplifting way to greet the new year! Malcolm’s reassuring and empathetic approach, together with a good mix of theory and activity has allowed me to participate fully, and, I believe, get maximum benefit from the sessions. I particularly enjoyed the SoundBaths where I felt very relaxed and in a trance like state. Malcolm led us through these with a skill that allowed me to feel both euphoria and occasionally profound sadness. Although it is difficult to evaluate the longer term results of these sessions I believe that my anxiety levels have decreased over the last few weeks and I really want to continue with this work. I have already introduced a my friends to the group and will not hesitate to recommend it to others.”

Mazzie Soar

“I attended a sound bath run by Malcolm Gough on in August, 2018. I had little idea about what a SoundBath was, and was also suffering from a chest infection. I had some trepidation in attending since I knew that lying in silence was likely to result in wheezing and coughing! Firstly, Malcolm explained very clearly (given an audience with very mixed experiences) what a SoundBath was and the potential range of experiences we might have. I was intrigued by the idea of sound healing. Secondly, within five minutes of the start I lay comfortably for the first time in a week. No coughing or wheezing – as if something had moved. Afterwards Malcolm showed us the bowls and instruments and was careful to answer all of our questions. It is clear that he is passionate about sound, his programme and in his desire to use it as a force for good. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to a repeat.”

Mandy Hossami

“I’ve had a couple of sessions with Malcolm Gough over the past few months. He has created an inspiring environment for the work at Chater Valley Farm. I have experienced him creating a safe container & enough explanation of what to expect so that each participant is set up to go on their own unique journey. His resonant voice and his careful contributions (poems & explanations) feel like they hold you gently but firmly in a place where you can drop down a few levels and give yourself permission to get the most from each session. One particular session was memorable – I found it deeply relaxing & therapeutic – it took place after delivering an intensive three days of Leadership Training – I entered feeling exciting mentally but pretty exhausted & depleted physically. I left feeling calm, peaceful & more resourced & fully available to meet the weekend ahead. Thank you for the opportunity and the care you provide for each & every participant.”

Tess O’Kane, Systemic coach and Facilitator, owner/founder, The Transformation Agency.