People are understandably curious to the things we get up to at Chater Valley Farm, especially TV and the press. What you will find here is a collection of some of the coverage the farm has been given in recent times, starting with a video showing part of an episode of “Escape to the Country”, which ran a feature on moving to Rutland. They wanted to show some of what the smallest County in the country has to offer, including our very rare miniature Hereford cattle.

In the video (link below) you will see youngest son, Sam, hosting the visit by the Beeb.We thought he did a great job, especially as he doesn’t work regularly on the farm, but was ‘farm-sitting’ whilst Malcolm and Lesley were away on holiday.

Youngest son Sam describing the benefits of miniature HerefordsBBC Filming our pigs in their pens

The photographs (right) show Sam escorting the two viewers who were being featured on the programme. By the end, they were wondering if they shouldn’t be trying to buy a farm themselves. The final sequence in the video shows the couple in the barn, where we had been socialising one of our mothering sows whilst she gave birth to some lovely piglets. It’s very hard not to want to stroke new piglets when you first see them.

Here are some of the magazine features that have been written about the farm. We have a lot of interest from local restaurants and good eateries, who generally want to know more about “Pasture Beef” (that’s beef cows that have spent their whole lives eating grass, hay and related forage but not seed), and our Mangalitsa pigs, which give a very tasty, succulent pork which is also used for maing air-dried hams (and our very own sausages).