Shamanic Drum Journeying


Wednesday, November 13th
Times 7.30 – 9.30pm

Only 8 places available!

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What is a Shamanic journey?

Participants either sit or lay down, close their eyes, and invited to listen to the rhythmic beat of a drum. ‘The Journey’ in its most basic terms is a form of deep meditation or inner consolation where you use your imagination or creative visualisation to connect with your inner self or helping spirits. Some people may encounter these helping allies as guides, ancestors, elders, power animals, angles and more. Some people may sense them as colours, vibrations or sound. The connection is made to find answers, to gather information, to receive and perform healing, to gain wisdom and to access higher knowledge. These beings are commonly seen as holding great wisdom and power. They are present for – and willing to help with – guiding the living, in the highest good of all.

To some, a Shamanic journey can feel like creative visualisation or seeing a film played out in the mind’s eye. To others it may simply feel like a state of deep relaxation. From a scientific perspective, people often change their brain waves whilst journeying, from the normal Alpha state (relaxed focus) to Theta, which is a more meditative, altered state. Journeying can be a bit like dreaming – the difference is that we are fully awake  and can take an active part in the journey.

At the end of the Journey, for those that wish, we will share our experiences in circle. Look forward to seeing you.