Rare Breeds

At Chater Valley Farm we specialise in breeding rare breeds of pedigree animals including miniature Hereford cattle, Grey Face Dartmoor sheep, Managalitsa and native breed pigs, Falabella horses and occasionally Portugese Water Dogs.

Just click on each animal picture box to the right to find out more about our wonderful animals. The rarest animals we keep on the farm are our miniature Hereford cattle. There are probably less than 30 mini Herefords in the UK, but they exist in much larger numbers in America, Australia and Canada. Our “minis” are pureblood Herefords, which means they are all registered in The UK Hereford Cattle Society’s herdbook. We do have mini Hereford cattle for sale from time to time, and we love to hear from similar minded people who would like to own and breed them.